Planting 1,000 trees

The 1,000 mark was exceeded in early 2021.

Many thanks to all who planted trees and sent me their details and pictures.


1,00 Trees and More!

Trees Planted

  • New hedgerow down by the river - 400+
  • New hedgerows around College Farm - over 1,000 there alone
  • Recreation ground - 50 assorted
  • Robne Milsom - 2 magnolia
  • Sylvia Buxcey - Prunus nigra
  • Carol Oldham - 3 dwarf Alberta spruce
  • Chris Hall - Fig tree, Robinia, Liquidambar, Tibetan Cherry
  • Jeff Hill - 3 crab apple, 2 Hazelnuts, 2 Firs, 1 Staghorn, 2 weeping pear, 1 Cherry (Autumnalis), 1 Cherry (Amonogawa), 3 Eucalyptus, 2 Robinia. In pots: 2 weeping pear, 2 Rowan. "Cardell Corner" in the church yard - 2 cherries
  • Caroline Cummins - 4 apple trees at allotments
  • Sarah Gray - Yew and cherry.
  • Jacqueline Wieczorek - 2 fruit trees + Hibiscus
  • Ninian Sanders - 200, mixed Beech, Oak, Silver Birch and Gean
  • Richard Rapley - 2 False acacias
  • Recreation ground - 7 silver birch, 19 rowan, 1 oak, 1 walnut, 12 hazel
  • Allotments - 2 fruit trees
  • London Lane - 5 various
  • Field on High Street - short hedge, 20
  • Diane and Graham James - King James Mulberry
  • Gaynor Christie - Morello cherry and a golden delicious apple
  • Maggie Horne - Sorbus vilmorinii
  • Jackie Baines - Sorbus Olympic Flame
  • Jonathan Brittain - Eucalyptus
  • Paul Ward - Japanese pine + 2 yew


All tree donations gratefully accepted, if you have a tree you don't know what to do with in a pot.

There are a number of organizations that will supply trees for free, they need to know roughly where they will be planted and some evidence that it has happened, if you can find space to plant them (including hedgerows) on your land, please let me know.

Trees can be purchased and planted privately as part of the total.

I and others will help with the planting of trees on public or publicly accessible land.

Late November to late March is the best time to plant trees, preferably before they start to stir in the spring.

Chris Hall - Fig tree

Diane and Graham James with a King James black mulberry tree they donated and planted in the church yard. Mulberry trees can live 1,000 years or more, this one could be around for the next millenial celebration!

Planting trees around the rec ground

Jacqueline Wieczorek - Two duo fruit trees

Maggie Horne - Sorbus vilmorinii

Some of the 40 trees that were planted around the rec.

Jackie Baines - Sorbus Olympic Flame

Jonathan Brittain - Eucalyptus


This is me, Paul Ward with my newly planted tree, which I am claiming as the first, it's a Japanese style pine tree.