The Great Paxton Christmas Tree Festival
19th - 22nd December 2024

great paxton christmas tree festival

The purpose of the festival:

A celebration of Christmas to bring all in the village together in whichever form people want their contribution to take.

It will be free to attend and while there will be things to buy, no purchase is required for visitors to enter and take part. While we hope to raise money to help maintain our 1,000 year old Saxon church, celebration of the season is the priority.


What we would like you to do:

Provide a lighted and decorated Christmas tree!This can be traditional in all respects or can be decorated according to whatever theme you choose. It could be a decorated tree-like triangular structure rather than an actual tree, such as a pair of step ladders, a small tent, a pile of books or whatever you come up with.

The tree can be floor or table standing, we anticipate most will be between 90 and 180cm tall (3 to 6 feet), though there is room for one or two possibly larger ones (lots of head room!), you could alternatively decorate a small niche in the wall or other structure - even the pulpit! Please contact me if you have any other ideas, we can go and have a look to see what can be done.

You will have a space of about 1x1m for your tree and any information you wish to accompany it. This will be floor space for larger trees and table-height for smaller trees.


What will happen and when?:

Christmas Day is on a Wednesday this year, most schools break up the Friday before which is the 20th.

Trees will be set up the previous weekend, 14th and 15th of December, the festival will be open from about 3pm on Thursday and Friday the 19th and 20th, then all day on the 21st and 22nd Saturday and Sunday.

We hope to have things happening on this weekend and there will be the annual children’s Christingle service on the Sunday.

Trees and decorations to be removed after the 22nd, possibly after the 25th, to be confirmed.

All dates are subject to (small) changes and will be confirmed nearer the time.


Can we get involved in some other way?:

We are hoping to have an art display of works by people who live in the village, there will be opportunities for musical performances at the weekend.

Please let us know if you can get involved in either of these ways or have any other suggestions for how you would like to be involved.


Who can provide a tree?:

Village groups - social, sporting, special interest etc.

Small businesses based in the village (we ask for a donation of £15 from businesses, all of which will go towards church maintenance.

Families or individuals.


Can we support this event without providing a tree?:

There will be requests for several things as we approach Christmas. Donations of raffle prizes will be particularly welcome

 Thank you for your attention, we hope you will choose to become involved in our celebration of Christmas and the village.


Please to confirm a place for your tree
or contact me on 07483 815160

Best wishes

Paul Ward and the Christmas Festival committee.