Some Great Paxton Historical Documents

These documents date from a time when the affairs of ordinary people were generally not recorded. They can sometimes give a fascinating glimpse into what life was like often by reading between the lines.

For instance the will of one John Pische from the 1540's, a man who lived in a a large property with a number of servants approximately where Brookside is today. Amongst other bequests, he left 6 shillings and 8 pence to build the first bridge over willow or sallow brook that crosses under the High Street next to Dovecoat Lane, prior to this, there would have been a shallow ford and stepping stones at the bottom of Paxton Hill to cross the brook. Now for the first time villagers, travellers and their animals could cross a (presumably) wooden bridge instead of wading through the forded stream or making their way across on stepping stones.

Completed Transcriptions:

1608 - Will of Elizabeth Bellye, Gentlewoman and Wife of Great Paxton
1609 - Will of Doctor John Belley, Doctor of the Civil Law of Great Paxton
1614 - Will of Robert Archdeacon, Yeoman of Great Paxton
1617 - Will of Ellen Steele
1617 - Inventory of Possessions of Nicholas Neave
1622 - Will of John Kinge, Yeoman of Great Paxton
1650 - Will of Gilbert Longe, Gentleman of Great Paxton
1650 - Will of Lawrence Sandford
1655 - Will of Thomas Fann, Yeoman of Great Paxton
1656 - Will of Elizabeth King, Widow of Great Paxton
1662 - Will of Mathew Hewson, Master of Arts of Great Paxton
1699 - Will of Robert Throckmorton of Great Paxton

1745 - Will of Patrick Smith, Clerk of Great Paxton

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1086 - Domesday-book - 1
1086 - Domesday-book - 2

1275-1300 - Petitioners People of the two parts of the village of Great Paxton

1906 - Webb, Walter Stephen. Official Number SS102621 - seamen's service