The Will of Doctor John Bellye
Doctor of the Civil Law of Great Paxton d.1609

1609 - Will of Doctor John Belley, Doctor of the Civil Law of Great Paxton - scan of the original

In the name of God amen

The four and twentieth day of February in the year of our lord God according to the computation of the church of England one thousand six hundred and eight, I John Belley of Great Paxton in the countie of Huntingdon, Doctor of the Civill Laws, weake of body but of good and perfect mynde and memory (God be praysed) doe make and ordayne this my last testament in manner and forme following, that is to say,

First I commend my soule unto the hands of Almighty God my maker hoping assuredly through the merits of Jesus Christ my saviour and redeemer to be made partaker of life everlasting and as touching my temporall goodes I will and bequeath them in manner and forme following, that is to say,

I give and bequeath to each of my daughters Judith Belley, Suzan Belley and Mary Belley two hundred poundes of current money of England to be payd in manner and forme following, that is to say, to Judith her portion within one half year after my death.

And to Suzan and Mary their portion at the age of twentie and one yeares or at the severall days of their marriages which shall first happen.

And if it happen any of the said daughters to dye before the dayes of payment lymited to their said portions, then my will is that the said portion shall remayne to the use and benefit of my executor.

The residue of my goods, cattells and chattels lands, tenements and leases whatsoever, any debts paid and my funeral expenses discharged I give, will and bequeath to Thomas Belley my sonne whom I make, constitute and ordayne sole executor of this my last will and testament.

John Belley


The seaventh day of September A thousand six hundred and nine. The above named My John Belley Doctor of the Civill Laws and testator above said did subscribe and write his owne name as is above written and did acknowledge and confirme this to be his last will and testament in the presence of me William Longe publique notary and Judith Belley, he being of good and perfect memory

Signum Judith Belley


That Mr Longe delivered this will to Mr Thomas Belley the sixteenth day of September anno domini A thousand six hundred and nine in the presence of

Robert Chapell

Thomas Askinson

William Styrropp

PROBATUM fuit suprascriptum Testamentum apud London coram venerabili viro mag[ist]ro Willielmo Byrd legum doctore Curiae Preregoativae Cantuarensis Magistro Custode sive Commissario legitime constituto Tricesimo die mensis Octobris Anno Domini Millesimo Sexcentesimo Nono.  Juramento Thome Belley fili[u]s naturalis et legitimi dicti defuncti et Excecutoris in hiuismodi Testamento nominati. Cui Commissa fuit Administratio Bonorum Jurium et Creditorum dicti defuncti: de bene et fideliter administrand[] eadem Ad sancta Dei evangelia Jurat.


This will above written was proved at London before the venerable Master William Byrd, Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, lawfully constituted the Thirtieth day of the month of October in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Six Hundred and Nine. By the oath of Thomas Belley the natural and legitimate son of the said deceased and nominated Executor in this same will to which administration was granted of Goods Rights and Credits of the said deceased: to well and faithfully administer the same as sworn on the Holy Gospel of God.

Transcription by Rachel Osborne